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Rendalen Mountain Riding is located at Unset in Rendalen, Norway. The business is owned and runned by Berit Grindflek and Rune Granaas. The business is available the whole year. From June to September we offer mountain riding, riding trips. The duration of the trips can be from: half day to 3-4 days trips or weekend trips. In connection with the summer vacation we offer 4 weeks with riding camp and summer camp for youths. From October until May we organize riding courses and also we offer sleigh rides with horses.

Home on our farm "Lia" in the village Unset we have 37 horses, and mainly Icelandic horses. We also have some Fiord horses, Shetland ponnies, sports ponnies, Oldenburger and "Dale horses" (dølahest).

The activities in the summer mainly takes part in the eastern part of the mountains in our area, with our mountain farm (Klettsetra) as a main base.

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